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  • £189.99

    Floor Polisher & Vac

    The Ewbank floor polishing machine with vacuum works just like a commercial floor polisher, complete with a telescopic butterfly handle that can be used with two hands, or closed for single handed operation. Effortlessly polish all sealed hard floors to a high shine, or quickly buff up your floor, to bring back to life with the microfibre pads supplied. The Ewbank floor polisher can also be used to effortlessly scrub, scour or clean any hard floor with the pads and brushes included. Plus, in addition the machine incorporates a powerful cyclonic vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter suitable for use while polishing to save time, or removed to operate as a stick vacuum, perfect for areas such as stairs.

    • Floor Polisher & Vac, telescopic handle, one pair each of scrubbing, cleaning and polishing pads, hook backed plates (for use with pads) and nylon brush plates
    • Contra-rotating discs spin at 2,200rpm to deliver amazing performance
    • 24 cm wide polishing/cleaning path
    • Multi purpose – polisher/scrubber, polisher/scrubber/vac or separate as an upright vac
    • High performance cyclonic bagless vacuum
    • Full range of interchangeable and reusable pads and brushes for any hard floor cleaning need
  • £42.99

    Ewbank Cha-Cha 2

    The Ewbank Cha-Cha 2 duster buffer is ideal for dusting & buffing all hard floors, and other hard surfaces around the home. Simply remove the telescopic handle to convert the Cha-Cha 2 into a hand-held unit for dusting windows, mirrors or worktops, tiles or shower screens. Rechargeable and fully portable, the large cleaning head rotates at 190 rpm. Use the chenille pad to attract dust, then use the microfibre pad to buff to a lovely shine. Use the telescopic handle to reach high areas too that are normally difficult to reach without a ladder.

    • Cha-Cha 2, telescopic handle, charger, chenille dusting pad, microfibre buffing pad
    • Suitable for all hard floor types, including laminate, wood, vinyl, marble and granite
    • Lightweight at under 1 Kg
    • Includes washable thick padded chenille dusting pad & soft microfiber buffing pad
    • Quick release system to convert from upright to handheld mode with ease
    • Use on mirrors, glass, shower screens, worktops, tiles and other hard surfaces
  • £14.99

    Ewbank Scrubbing/Scouring Pads for EP & FP Series Polishers

  • £14.99

    Ewbank Polishing & Scouring Pads Pack for EP & FP Series Polishers