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The Raycop is no longer available in the UK. Ewbank distributed this product for another company many years ago. After successfully launching and selling the Raycop the head company withdrew Ewbank’s distribution rights and shortly after closed down their UK operations.

Despite this, Ewbank has tried to give constant customer service and direct customers to websites provided by the other company which still have spare parts available. However. in the past few months these websites appear to have disappeared. We wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused and will do our best to give you clear non-biased advice.

Some spare filters are still held by us and can be found using the link below:


Please note that these parts will not be replenished.

Spare UVC bulbs are widely available and can be found using your preferred search engine using the following part codes:

G8T5 Sankyo


TUV8WFAM Philips

We thank you for your understanding.