It is estimated that in 2019 40% of all UK households have at least 1 pet; that’s a total of 12 million dogs, cats, rabbits and more*. This means that millions share the united struggle of dealing with pet hair and the irritation that comes with it. That being said, with just a few simple tips this can be avoided.

Regular items Bits that can be bought Vacuums
Rubber gloves Anti-static spray Handheld vacuum
Mops Humidifier Vacuum with a turbo/pet brush
Tape Pumice stone
Lint rollers
Window squeegee
Sport socks

Regular items

Unbeknown to many, the majority of pet hair can be tackled using regular items found around most UK homes. Items such as rubber gloves and mops which, when spritzed with water, create a tacky static surface for the hair to latch on to. Simply pass over the area and it will collect. Tape and lint rollers are also great as they are naturally sticky, the latter of which is synonymous with almost all pet owners. Another method is a window squeegee, again because of the rubber.

The final unorthodox but effective option is to simply put on a pair of sports socks and shuffle around the hard floors. This works as static collects at your feet and attracts the hair away from the surface.

Note: do not do this if your floor splinters!

Bits that can be bought

In case none of the above quick solutions shift the fluff, try any of the following inexpensive options. They are either specifically designed for the job or innovative ideas which may not be considered.

  • Anti-static spray – prevents surfaces from being static and attracting hair
  • Humidifier – creates a fine layer of moisture, similar to that of the rubber glove method, to prevent hair from sticking
  • Pumice stone – hair gets caught in the fine minute holes which help clear surfaces


However if you’re still struggling with the hair, it might be worth investing in a vacuum which is designed to shift the most stubborn of fluff. This includes a handheld vacuum; easy to navigate and so isolating and getting rid of hair-ridden areas is simple. Alternatively, purchase a vacuum with a turbo/pet brush. These additional brushes are either motorised or wind powered and feature a brush bar which is specifically designed to latch onto strands of hair.

*According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association