310 Hard Floor Sweeper with Microfibre Duster


  • Sweeper and duster all-in-one
  • Rubber blades for maximum cleaning
  • One click easy empty dust container
  • Washable microfibre pad
  • Handle lays flat to reach under furniture


The Ewbank Hard Floor Sweeper combines sweeping and dusting into one simple action to speed up your cleaning making it more efficient. The rubber blades are designed for maximum pick up, particularly on hard floor surfaces, and the microfibre pad picks up dust as you sweep, which can be washed once you’ve finished.

The 120cm handle with an ergonomic grip makes the sweeper easy to manoeuvre. You can lie the handle flat whilst you’re sweeping so it’s easy to reach under your furniture. Once you’ve finished sweeping there’s an easy one-click release button so you can empty the dust container so it’s ready to use again.



Combines Sweeping And Dusting Into One Simple Action To Save Time
Easy To Empty
Uses Rubber Blades For Maximum Sweeping On Hard Floors
No Plug Required
Lightweight & Easy To Use
Washable Microfiber Pad For Dusting


Brand Ewbank
Clean time
Colour Red
Country of origin China
Dimensions (HxWxD) 120 x 26 x 18 cm
Filter Type
GTIN 5034595104275
Model Number 310
Weight 0.88 kg


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