Zest 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


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  • 22.2V Li-ion battery
  • 40 minute run time
  • 0.8L dust container
  • HEPA filtration
  • Motorised floor brush
  • 2 speed motor with soft start

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The Zest 2 in 1 has powerful suction and a sleek design. Its long-lasting battery has up to 40 minutes of run time so you?ll have enough time to clean your home from top to bottom.

It will easily convert from a cordless upright vacuum cleaner into a hand-held vacuum, so you?ll be able to go from cleaning floors to cleaning your stairs and surfaces with ease. It comes with an array of attachments to make light work of cleaning.


800ml waste chamber
6 levels of filtration including a Hepa filter
Ewbank fragrance cards are included and can simply be inserted inside the metal filter
The dust container has a unique double chamber which helps to protect the main filter from clogging with micro dust

Attachments include: Crevice tool with brush, small swivel head upholstery brush, 2x extension tubes, tool adaptor, hair removal tool, charging base with tool storage

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 16 × 20 × 91 cm











Battery 22.2V lithium-ion
Brand Ewbank
Capacity 800ml
Clean time 40 Minutes
Colour Red
Country of origin China
Dimensions (HxWxD)  116x27x18 cm
Filter Type Hepa Filter
GTIN 5034595104053
Model Number CVZ135
Power 135W
Weight 2.6Kg


Problem Cause of problem Solution
The unit isn’t working The battery is not charged or has cut out due to reaching its minimal voltage. Charge the battery. When charging the neon light behind the on/off switch 2 flashes. Check the charger unit is not damaged and plugged into charging station.
The brush roller isn’t working Some objects are entangled in the brush roller. Take out the motorised brush and clean the objects from the brush roller.
The brush roller still isn’t working No electrical connection between the unit and motorised floor brush. Make sure floor brush is properly connected, clean and the looking clip is secured.
Charger indicate light is not lit Power plug is not inserted into the socket. Inset the plug into socket.

Safety instructions


  • Modify the unit in any way – this is dangerous and will void the guarantee.
  • Handle the unit with wet hands.

1. Follow the assembly process in this manual to build the unit ready for use. The manual will give the important instructions about the assembly and safety.
2. After unpacking, make sure that the appliance is intact with no visible signs of damage caused by transport, should you have any doubts, do not use the appliance and take it to an authorized service centre. All packing materials (plastic wrapping, cardboard box, etc.) are potentially dangerous and must be kept out of children’s reach.
3. This unit is only designed for domestic applications, any other usage is unsuitable and will not be covered by guarantee.
4. Before charging the appliance for the first time, check that the rating plate specifications on the adaptor correspond to your electrical mains supply.
5. The appliance must only be used with the charging adaptor supplied with the product or a replacement purchased from Ewbank or one of our distributors.
6. Never use the charging station with multiple plug or extended power cord. The charging plug needs to fit direct into the socket.
7. Don’t put the equipment into other function such as timer, remote control device or similar equipment.
8. Please do not leave the cleaner when it is powered on.
9. After charging has finished, and you are removing from the wall socket, pull out by the plug of adaptor only, do not pull by the power cord or charging station.
10. Before cleaning and maintaining the unit, please remove the adaptor plug from socket outlet and switch off the machine.
11. If the product stops working or there is an abnormal sound, please switch the power off and contact our Service Department.
12. Never try to replace the adapter cord. If the cord or plug is damaged or needs to be replaced then please contact our Service Department.
13. NEVER pick up flammable or combustible liquids such as petrol, other volatile substances or burning embers.
14. NEVER use in the presence of explosive liquids, vapours or explosive dust such as coal or grain.
15. This appliance can only be used by children aged from 14 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children must not play with the appliance.
16. Never use on a wet floor, also do not allow to get wet in the rain. Otherwise the motor will be at high risk of being burnt out.
17. The cleaner should be kept far away from heat sources (such as central heating radiators, ovens, etc.) to avoid damage to the product.
18. Before using the cleaner, please remove any large or sharp matter on the floor to avoid damaging the plastic parts, filter gauzes and motor.
19. When using the cleaner, pay close attention to preventing any materials to block up the air inlet (including the tubes), otherwise damage may be caused to the motor and the body of the cleaner. If the collected matter forms a blockage, stop the cleaner immediately by switching the unit off. Use the cleaning brush with cutter to clean the blockage.
20. When the roller brush is running, take care to avoid touching it with hands, feet or allowing your hair to get trapped.
21. If the roller brush is not running due to being blocked up, the motor protect device will operate in order to prevent the motor damage. At the same time, the motor will stop running and you must wait 8-10 seconds then the motor will start to run again.
22. In order to protect the battery, the unit cannot be switched on whilst it is being charged, the unit will not operate.
23. If you are replacing the batteries, the old batteries must be correctly recycled.
24. Please use the vacuum cleaner according to these instructions and use only Ewbank accessories.
25. The battery is Lithium-Ion, rechargeable. Each of the 6 cells is 3.7V these are packaged into a single unit. The maximum power capacity is 2200mAh.
26. For initial charging, insert the power plug into the wall socket and the other end insert into the main body or the charging station, the indicator light will flicker until the battery is full, then indicator light will stop flickering and remain lit. It should take 8 hours for this process on the first charge.

Useful tips

Charging your Zest

  • Fix the handle to the main body by using the locking “screw” to secure the handle in place.
  • Attach the motorised floor brush onto the base of the main unit/body. Ensure the locking clip at the back of the unit is secure and the electrical connection between the unit and the brush is made.
  • Insert the plug of the charger into the wall socket and the other end into the charging point (located on the bottom side of the charging base). For your safety the charging voltage must be as described in the instruction manual.
  • Place the Zest on the charger base, the handheld unit must be fitted into the upright unit/body for charging to take place.
  • When the unit is being charged, the neon light on the handheld vacuum cleaner flashes continuously. When the indicator light stops flickering and remains lit the battery is fully charged and the unit is ready for use. When charging for the first time, please allow 8 hours minimum.

Operation instruction

1. The unit has dual speed, press switch once for standard, a second time for high speed and a third to turn off. When the unit is in use, the switch indicator lights continuously, when the light starts to flash the battery is nearly exhausted. If there is no suction or the brush is not rotating, then the battery needs to be charged.

NOTE: It is important to keep your Zest charged. To maintain battery longevity the battery must be kept over a pre-determined voltage.

2. When using the motorised brush for cleaning, press the switch button 1 or switch button 2, and the vacuum cleaner will start to work.

3. Hold the handle and adjust the angle of use to which is most comfortable for you. The motorised brush has a swivel head which means it is highly manoeuvrable. This can be used to clean hard floors and carpet.

Operation instruction in handheld mode

1. First remove the handheld unit from the upright case by pressing the handheld release buttons and lifting the handheld unit free of the main body. The handheld unit can be used separately for quick clean up jobs or together with any of the attachments supplied for more specific cleaning areas such as upholstery and chair crevices, desktop, tablecloth, curtains, inside the car, computer keyboard etc.

2. The included extension tubes provided extended reach for easy cleaning in stairwells, or other hard to reach places.

Emptying the waste chamber & cleaning

The handheld unit is fitted with dust chamber and filters in place on delivery, so to disassemble the unit follow the instructions below to empty the waste chamber and clean the filters. The dust chamber is removed by pressing the button on the underside of the dust chamber. This can now be lifted and pulled away from the rest of the unit. When refitting the dust chamber, ensure the base of the chamber is fitted under the ridge cover of the motor unit and then push down into place. You should hear a “click” which means this is now secure.

To remove dust chamber from the handheld unit:

1. Press on the dust chamber release button.
2. Pull and lift the dust chamber away from the handheld unit.

To empty dust chamber:

1. Pull coloured tab to remove micro filter.
2. Lift handle on metal filter and ensure the metal filter arrow is in the locked position. 3. The filter and cyclone assembly can then be removed and the dust chamber emptied.

To clean the metal filter and cyclone container:

1. Lift the handle on the metal filter and turn arrow to the unlocked position as shown on the cyclone container.
2. Remove the metal filter from the cyclone container for cleaning. All parts must be dry before re-use.

Air freshener card assembly / use

To give your home a clean fresh fragrance whilst vacuuming, Ewbank fragrance cards are available for your Zest, simply remove the chosen fragrance card from the plastic sleeve and insert as directed into the metal basket filter before refitting the assembled dust chamber.

We recommend washing your hands after handling the fragrance cards.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Separate the filter and waste chamber into the component parts and empty the dust chamber.

Warm soapy water can be used for the plastic and metal parts. ALL filter and cyclone parts must be dry before re-use.

We recommend the dust chamber is emptied before the level of dirt reaches the max scale line on the outer waste chamber.


1. Cloth micro filter. This can be gently brushed or tapped to remove dirt. Alternatively if the filter is very dirty it may be washed by hand in warm water and allowed to dry naturally. It must be fully dry before re-use. The coloured tab must be facing you when re-inserted for ease of removal.

We recommend replacing the cloth micro filter every six months with normal use.

2. Brush roll. Should the brush roll stop rotating when the unit is in use and the battery is fully charged then the brush will need to be cleaned of hair and other fibres.

• Switch off the unit and release the brush roll cover.
• Remove the brush roll from the case.
• Carefully use the cleaning brush with cutter or scissors to clean the brush roll slot and remove hair or fibre objects.
• After cleaning the brush roll, fix this back into the motorised brush case and then close the cover to secure the brush roll into the main body.

Disposal of battery

Remove the built-in rechargeable battery before disposal of the appliance. Please make sure that the batteries are disposed of at an officially assigned location, it should not be mixed with general household waste. The appliance must be disconnected from the electricity supply before removing the batteries.


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