Carpets help to make a house a home. Nothing quite makes a room as cosy and snug as sinking your feet into soft carpet. Inevitably, everyone has to deal with spillages on their carpets, whether a mucky pet or clumsy family member is to blame! Read on for a quick and easy ways to combat annoying carpet stains:

Handheld carpet shampooer

The easiest method is to grab an affordable carpet shampooer, which you can fill up with some carpet shampoo and simply scrub the mark. Handheld ones are less than a tenner and the bristles help work away the spillage.

Manual shampooers

Most shampooers have a tank, to fill with a carpet cleaning solution. Then push the shampooer over the stained area and watch as the rollers or brushes work away the spillage. One the areas dries, complete the cleaning process by vacuuming and voila!

Other more stubborn carpet stains such as wine or coffee require more specialist treatment. Golden rule is blot, don’t rub – soak up as much as you can without working the stain into the fabric. In our Christmas cleaning article, we’ve covered how to remove red wine from carpets!

Heavy duty clean

Cleaning a house before you move out? Or doing a massive deep clean? Try investing in a proper carpet cleaner.

Tackle unwanted spills from the kids, dirty footprints from the dog or give your carpets and rugs a regular spring clean with the Ewbank HYDROC1 Carpet Cleaner. With its powerful suction and on-board, trigger-release 1.6L clean water tank, the HYDROC1 tackles cleaning and spills then transfers the dirty water into the 1.8L dirty water tank to ensure a constant supply of clean, cold or warm water when you clean.

You can also add your chosen carpet cleaning detergent to the clean water tank which combined with the fixed brush will give a deeper clean. Good luck!