Carpets are great – the best way to make a house a home. Nothing quite makes a room as cosy and as snug as a quality pile carpet. Great until the evitable happens… a spillage. Within seconds a pristine rug can become a soiled nightmare, with a mucky pet or clumsy partner to blame. Frustratingly, something that happens in a blink of an eye can be tough and awkward to resolve.

However, here are three easy ways to combat carpet stains:

1) Washing detergent

2) Washing up liquid

3) Carpet shampooer/cleaner

Washing detergent

The first and simplest way to deal with stains is to use washing detergent – non-bleach washing detergent! Begin by blotting the stain with a damp cloth.

Blotting – gently dabbing a spill to prevent it spreading or further engraining into a carpet.

Add a ¼ of a teaspoon of washing detergent to a bucket of warm water, roughly 1 litres worth. Blot again, but this time using the solution followed by a piece of dry kitchen roll. Finally, carefully rinse the area with some warm water, making sure not to flood the carpet. Repeat these steps until the stain is removed. Use a hairdryer to dry.

Washing up liquid

Another way to get rid of stains is to use washing up liquid. Fill a bucket with 1 litre of warm water but this time add a ¼ of a teaspoon of washing up liquid, instead of washing detergent. Fill a second bucket with cold water. Soak an absorbent cloth in the solution and separate absorbent cloth in the cold water. After every 30 seconds alternate the blotting between the solution and the cold water until the majority of the stain has been removed. Stack several layers of kitchen roll onto the area and leave overnight. This will draw the excess liquid, and remnants of the stain, off of the carpet.

Carpet shampooer/cleaner

This is a more costly, but by far the easiest, method to remove a stain.

Most shampooers or cleaners have a tank which is filled with a solution. It is then pushed over the stained area and the rollers or brushes work away the spillage. To complete the process simply vacuum the area once it is dry.

Other more stubborn carpet stains such as wine or coffee require more specialist treatment. If either of these are spilled, it is advised to contact the carpet manufacturer for advice.