FP90 Lightweight Cordless Floor Polisher & Cleaner

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Battery Power (V): 14.8
Water Tank Capacity (ml): 350
Rotation Speed (rpm): 250
Cleaning Path (cm): 43.5
Operating Time (mins): 30
Charging Time (Hrs): 4-5
LED Dust Tracking Floor Head Lights
LED Battery Life Display
Chrome Telescopic Tube

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The FP90 Lightweight Cordless Floor Cleaner & Polisher works just like a commercial floor polisher. Effortlessly polish all sealed hard floors to a high shine, or quickly buff using the chenille microfibre pads included to refresh your floor surface. The Ewbank FP90 can also be used to effortlessly scrub, scour or clean any hard floor with the pads and brushes included. Accessories Included: 2 x White Scouring Pads, 2 x Blue Microfibre Cleaning Pads, 2 x Yellow Chenille Polishing Pads, Measuring Jug and Charger.

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Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 139 × 45 × 23 cm









Battery 14.8V
Brand Ewbank
Capacity 350ml
Clean time 30 mins
Charging Time 4-6 Hrs
Colour Black/Red
Country of origin China
Dimensions (HxWxD) 139 x45 x 23 cm
GTIN 5016368080993
Model Number EW0190
Weight 4.1 kg


2 x White Scouring Pads,

2 x Blue Microfibre Cleaning Pads,

2 x Yellow Chenille Polishing Pads,

Measuring Jug




Problem Solutions/Tips
The Cordless Polisher/Cleaner won’t start? • Please ensure the product has been sufficiently charged

• Ensure the charging cable has been tightly inserted

• Please ensure the batteries in the handle are not empty and that they have been installed correctly

• Please ensure the normal running time of 25 minutes has not been exceeded

The pads and pump won’t turn on? • Please press the foot switch on the top of the polisher head to start the machine. The

LED lights will come on as an indicator

Excessive water is left on the floor • Please ensure the pads are not full of soaked up water
Excessive vibrations in the head of the unit. • Please ensure that the pads have been installed centrally on the rotating heads
There is an unusual noise when cleaning. • The unit will emit a light “buzzing” sound. This is normal

• Other noising could be caused by foreign objects attached to the cleaning pads

Instruction Manual

Download the Instruction Manual for SC190 Versaclean Lightweight Cordless Polisher & Cleaner by clicking the pdf link below. If you have any issues or questions not answered by the instruction manual, please contact our customer support here.


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