Commercial 10 Litre Disinfecting Backpack Fogger Machine

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1400W motor power
10 litre disinfectant tank capacity
Max flow rate: 750ml/min
Horizontal coverage (m): 5-7
Vertical coverage (m): 1.5-2
Particle diameter (microns): 20-50
Rotation speed (rpm): 31000
1m high powered spray hose
5m power cord
Dual shoulder straps
Cushioned back support

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The Ewbank EW5000 commercial sanitising fogger is powered by 1400W motor with a horizontal coverage of 20+ feet (5-7 metres) & a vertical coverage of 5+ feet (1.5-2 metres). Max Capacity 10 litres. Adjustable screw that alters the level of mist with a diameter 20-60 µm (Microns). The fogging machine mist sprayer is designed for quick spray distribution with the fogger generating a fog/mist to cover large areas with disinfectant. The Ewbank EW5000 is equipped with a long flexible 1 metre hose making it easy to reach all surfaces. It’s comfortable to wear with a cushioned back support and dual shoulder straps, making it comfortable to use for long periods of time. The commercial sanitising fogger is ideal for multiple uses such as sanitation and disinfecting surfaces in homes, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels and open spaces. You can also use the mist sprayer in gardens and greenhouses for pest control. Fogging uses a disinfectant spray to cover surfaces making it effective at reducing viruses, airborne contaminants and disinfecting hard to reach areas.

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