A floor polisher is a great tool for helping to clean hard floors in the home. Lightweight and powerful, with a floor polisher you can effortlessly polish all sealed hard floors to a high shine.

Quickly buff floors to bring back to life with the microfibre pads. In addition the floor polisher can be used to easily scrub, scour or wash any hard floor with the pads and brushes included.

So if you’ve never used one before, how can you effectively use a floor polisher?


Before polishing your floor, make sure you prepare:

  1. Clear the floor

Pull furniture out of the way to clear your path, and remove any rugs or floor cushions. This way, you won’t miss any spots of floor!

2. Whizz round with a vacuum

Floor polishers help to bring shine to your room, bounce the light around and make your floors look brand new. They don’t work well if there’s debris on the floor, so vacuum the area first so you’ve got a clean space to add your floor polish to.

3. Check the polisher

Same as with vacuuming, you’re going to want to inspect the polishing pads. Make sure you’re using the correct pads for the correct surface, and that they’re in good condition. Check for grit or dirt stuck to the pads or on the rear wheels, because these pads are going to revolve and they could scratch the floor surface if there’s anything hard stuck to them. Refer to your instruction manual if you’re not sure which pads are best for your floor type, and replace them if needed.


When polishing, here’s how to get the most efficient results:

  • Use a wax or floor polishing solution – this accelerates results and can make it easier to move the polisher along the floor
  • Start at the furthest point away from the door – doing this will mean that you are beside the door when complete and so no freshly polished floor has to be stepped on
  • Move in a straight line, from wall to wall – by zig-zagging it will minimise the distance you cover and you’ll finish the job in less time!

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