UV400 Multipurpose UV Light Mattress Cleaner Bed Beater, Fabric Sanitizer & Vacuum Cleaner

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  • 400W motor
  • UV-C light removes dust mites – chemical free cleaning
  • Use separately as a normal vacuum cleaner
  • Beater hits mattress at 3,000bpm releasing dust mites
  • Reduces exposure to harmful dust, great for asthma sufferers

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The Ewbank UV400 is a multi use cleaner that uses innovative UV-C Light technology to kill dust mite eggs and bacteria, such as E-coli, streptococcus and MRSA that reside on your bed, to aid a healthy night’s sleep.
The bed beater will beat at over 3000 times a minute to release dust and allergens from your mattress or upholstery, and the vacuum cleaner removes them from your room. Use the Lavender Sleep Enhancer Fragrance Cards with the product to leave mattresses smelling fresh.
Once your upholstery has been sterilised, the UV400 can be used as a stick vacuum cleaner using the extension hose to allow you to pick up bits of dirt and debris, or as a handheld vacuum cleaner for use on the stairs or car.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 26 × 15 cm











Brand Ewbank
Clean time
Colour Red
Country of origin China
Dimensions (HxWxD) 16 x 27 x 41 cm
Filter Type
GTIN 5034595104251
Model Number UV400
Weight 2.3 kg


Problem symptom Possible cause Solution
Stop working Power plug is not inserted in the socket To insert the plug again
Power supply socket without electricity Check the circuit breaker
Machine damage Contact sales and service


UV head has stopped working UV head has no power, the internal circuit board damaged Contact sales and service department
Strange noise Dust chamber is full Remove the dust chamber and empty the waste. Refit the empty dust chamber.
Air duct is blocked Remove the dust chamber and carefully remove the blockage from the air duct. Do not use sharp tools as these may damage your unit
Reduced suction Dust cup is full or HEPA filter is too dirty Empty and gently wash the filter in water. The filter must be completely dry before use.
Dust leaks out during using Dust chamber is damaged. Replace the dust chamber. Call sales department to purchase new part.
Filter not installed. Motor may be damaged, stop using the vacuum and contact sales/service department for advice.
UV lamp does not light Handheld vacuum cleaner is not correctly locked into the UV head. Switch off and stop using the vacuum cleaner and lock the vacuum cleaner into the UV head before turning back on.
Safety switch (2 small roller) is not in contact with the surface Make the bottom of the machine in good contact with the surface
Infrared window and the rear lower surface is too high Adjust the height as above


Why do I need a bed sanitizer?

Beds are the prime habitat for Dust Mites and where we spend a third of our lives with millions of these uninvited guests. Whilst in bed we shed our dead skin which makes its way into the fibres of our bedding and mattress. The Dust Mites feed on this dead skin, and, in turn it is their faeces that many people are allergic to.  The warmth and moisture from our bodies help cultivate fungi and bacteria, which also live on the dead skin, leaving our beds a breeding ground for allergies.

Dust Mites and their faeces are proven to cause allergies, asthma and some skin reactions.

The UVEE is designed to improve the environment in our bedrooms and has 4 key functions that will kill bacteria, eradicate Dust Mites which are a catalyst for allergies, asthma and your general ill health and help you to sleep.

Safety instructions

Any operation that is inconsistent with the contents of the instructions may cause serious personal injury or damage to the product itself.

Do not stare at the UV lamp directly at any time to avoid injury. If you have a sensitive skin complaint then do not use without consulting your doctor.

1. UV rays can damage the skin and eyes of people and animals. Do not aim the UV light directly at the human body, plants or animals.
2. Do not modify or block the rollers (safety switches) on the bottom of the product so the UV lamp loses its safety protection.
3. Please do not touch the handheld vacuum cleaner plug with wet hands to avoid the risk of electric shock.
4. Do not leave the unit plugged in when not working. When not in use or before any maintenance, please unplug from the power supply.
5. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not use it outdoors or on wet surfaces.
6. Do not use when the plug or power cable is damaged. When the product appears to have been dropped, damaged or fallen into water, or doesn’t work, please contact our service department for repair.
7. This product is for general home use, please do not use it for commercial or other purposes.
8. Do not suck sharp hard objects such as glass, screws, construction waste etc. to avoid damage to the machine.
9. Do not pull by the power cable to remove from the socket. Do not put this unit on a hot surface.
10. Before unplugging the power plug, first use the power switch on the unit to turn the unit off. When installing the vacuum accessories ensure the power switch is turned off first.
11. Please stop using when any duct is clogged, otherwise this may damage the motor. Keep away from dust, lint, hair and anything that can clog the air flow when stored.
12. Keep hair, clothing, mobile phones and any part of the body away from the vacuum cleaner when operating.
13. Do not use on burning or smoking objects such as cigarette, matches or hot ash.
14. Do not use when dust cup or filters are not properly installed. Otherwise this will damage the motor.
15. Do not cover air vent
16. Do not touch the UV lamp after use, as this may be hot and burn your skin.
17. If the power cable is damaged, the power cable must be replaced by a qualified person or a designated service centre. Do not disassemble by yourself.

Useful tips

Operating Instruction

  1. Insert the hand held cleaner into the UV unit head and, when it is in place, press the button on the back of the vacuum cleaner to make sure this is securely in place
  2. Plug the power cable into the socket and turn on the power, then press the power switch button on the handset, the power light and the UV light will come on, and the machine begins to work. Press the power switch again to turn off.
  3. Place the machine on the items to be cleaned (e.g. blankets, sheets, sofas, clothes, etc.). The UV lamp under the dust container in the front of the machine lights up, indicating that the UV lamp has started to work and then move the machine forwards and backwards slowly to clean the items. Do not raise the unit from the surface as this will turn the UV off for your protection. The recommended cleaning time is no less than 20 seconds per metre, backwards and forwards three times.
  4. If you need to use the vibrator function, you can press the vibrator switch above the UV head. Vibrator function is only operational with main power switch on but vibrator switch can also be turned off.

Handheld vacuum cleaner operating instructions:

  1. This product has a UV mite vacuum cleaner and handheld vacuum cleaner combo function, when using the product as a handheld vacuum cleaner, hold by the handle of the UV unit. Press the button at the bottom of the machine handle to release the main unit, lift upwards from the base, until the connection in the base is released from the pad, this can then be used as an independent handheld vacuum cleaner. Select and install one of the small accessories into the portable vacuum cleaner suction inlet, then the handheld vacuum cleaner can operate.
  2. Insert the special adaptor at the front of handheld vacuum cleaner inlet, then install one of the various accessories supplied. Extension tubes are supplied for use for area difficult to reach. Now you can use to clean items like floors, furniture, curtains and other objects.

Sleep enhancer/ disc assembly / use

  1. To enhance your sleeping experience Ewbank lavender sleep enhancer cards are available for your UVEE. Lavender is accepted as helping the body to relax and we have specially designed cartridges to deliver the aroma of lavender whilst cleaning. Simply remove the lavender sleep enhancer card from the plastic sleeve and insert as directed into the plastic basket filter before refitting the assembled dust chamber.
  2. We recommend washing your hands after handling the sleep enhancer cards. Replacement lavender cartridges are available to purchase.

Cleaning your mattress with the UVEE

The age of your mattress determines how often you need to use your UVEE. The cleaning routine below is recommended to produce the best results.

  • New mattress – use the UVEE once a month
  • Used mattress – use the UVEE daily for the first week and then once a month.

If cleaning a double bed only attempt to clean one side at a time. Position the UVEE flat on the mattress, switch the UVEE on and move the unit following either pattern A or B to cover and clean the whole mattress.  Keep the UVEE flat on the surface and ensure you move the UVEE smoothly and steadily as you would with a household vacuum

Cleaning and Maintenance of the UVEE

Regularly clean the HEPA filter, because the collection of dust mites into the filter may not always kill them, and they may continue to breed. In order to avoid secondary pollution, please clean the HEPA filter and re-use after drying, or replace a new HEPA filter.

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug the power cable
  2. Remove the dust container
  3. Hold the dust container and pull out the filter assembly as indicated by the arrow
  4. Hold the filter following the illustration below, rotate the HEPA assembly in the unlocking direction, and then take the HEPA assembly outwards to clean the dust. The HEPA filter is suitable for hand washing in water, but must be completely dry before re-use. Install the filter assembly by aligning the symbols and rotate the filter to lock in place.


  1. Clean or replace the UV lamp
  • Although the penetration of ultraviolet light is strong, dust, or stains on the tube will have a direct impact on UV lamp’s penetration ability. The quartz lamp should be regularly cleaned, so the performance will not be affected.
  • First, make sure the machine is turned off, then turn the machine over, remove the screw with a cross screwdriver, then open the UV lamp cover and remove the UV lamp assembly (with lamp holder).
  • After the UV lamp assembly is removed, pinch the lamp head as shown, and remove the lamp from the lamp holder. Similarly, remove the other end. The lamp is a fragile part and needs to be carefully cleaned after removing the lamp.
  • After the lamp is wiped clean or a new lamp is being inserted, then place the lamp into the lamp holder, adjust the length of the cable into the mounting groove carefully replace the UV lamp and secure the lamp cover with a screw.


  1. Cleaning the machine
  • Ensure the power cable is unplugged before any routine maintenance, repair or cleaning of the unit.
  • Regularly empty the dust chamber and clean the filter to avoid the vacuum cleaner failing.
  • Do not use in or near water. The unit is not suitable for cleaning with oil or gasoline. Use only a soft cloth or neutral detergent to wipe clean the outside of the unit. Coil the power cord neatly for storage.
  • Keep it in a dry place
  • Do not place heavy objects on top of the machine


  1. Cleaning and replacing the Exit Filter
  • Turn off the machine and unplug the power cable
  • Remove the filter by pulling the tab
  • Clean off the dust either with clean dry brush or the filter is suitable for hand washing in warm water but must be completely dry before re-installing.


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