Quick, versatile and ready to go, the classic manual floor sweeper has been a mainstay in our product range since we began manufacturing products, and it is as effective today as it was then. Floor sweepers don’t require plugs or charging, simply pull it out of the cupboard and it’s ready to start cleaning right away. Perfect for cleaning up small bits of dirt and debris without the hassle of setting up a vacuum cleaner.

We have a range of options from the lightweight Speedsweep for carpets, to the 310 sweeper designed to clean and dust hard floors at the same time. If cordless cleaning is what you’re after then cordless vacuum cleaners may be what you need. They take the ease of a floor sweeper with the upgrade of battery-powered suction.

  • Ewbank Speedsweep Manual Carpet Sweeper
    • Quick, simple with excellent level of pickup
    • High impact body casing
    • Non-marking rubberised tyres
    • Steel twisted nylon bristle brush
    • Large capacity collection pans
    • 105cm handle and low body height
  • Ewbank Evo3 Multi Surface Manual Sweeper
    • Adjustable brush height settings
    • Furniture protection bumper
    • Hygienic topside dust emptying system
    • High level pick-up
    • Helix nylon tufted brush
    • 105cm handle and low body height
    • Suitable for use both indoor on outdoor on a wide variety of surfaces including lawns, decking, artificial grass, play areas, warehouses, driveways and more 
    • Manual push-along operation ensures no need for cables or a power source for optimum energy-efficiency 
    • Generous 20-litre collection tank with handle keeps disposal process hygienic and means you can sweep for longer before having to empty 
    • Equipped with two sets of brushes – soft brushes for collecting finer particles and firm brushes for picking up larger particles 
    • Easy-grip ergonomic handle is height adjustable for your comfort 
    • Lightweight and portable for easily manoeuvring around your home and garden