What is a manual sweeper?

A manual sweeper is used to clean floors, just like a vacuum cleaner. It houses a set of rollers which, when pushed along the floor, rotate and sweep dirt into an integrated container. Quick, versatile and ready to go, the classic manual floor sweeper has been a staple in the Ewbank product range since we began manufacturing products, and it is as effective today as it was then.

Floor sweepers don’t require plugs or charging, simply pull your sweeper out of the cupboard and it’s ready to start cleaning right away. Perfect for cleaning up small bits of dirt and debris without the hassle of setting up a vacuum cleaner. It does not require electricity or any additional assembly once put together, and is lightweight for easy use.

 Why buy a manual sweeper?

The most significant positive for the manual sweeper is the price! As they do not need electricity they are much cheaper than a vacuum cleaner. Other pros:

  • Super easy to operate, with no buttons or switches
  • There are no wires to trail around the home as you clean
  • Quiet! No motor noise, ideal for if kids are asleep
  • Small and compact to store when not in use
  • Ideal for smaller spaces like studio apartments, or for keeping on top of small daily cleans

We offer carpet sweepers, hard floor sweepers, or multi surface sweepers suitable for all use cases!

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners will cost more, and will have the added running cost of electricity. To start vacuuming they will either need to be plugged in or charged and despite certain vacuums being marketed as ‘quiet models’, a motor running noise will be far louder than a vacuum cleaner. Heavier to use and bulkier to store than a sweeper, why would you buy a vacuum?

 Why buy a vacuum?

  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Large dust container size allowing for longer cleans between emptying
  • Additional benefit of suction power which quickly and efficiently helps get rid of dirt
  • Most vacuums have a secondary means of cleaning, be it attaching a tool or converting it to a handheld, increasing versatility